How To Optimize SEO For Voice Search

With the rise of voice recognition and search softwares from Google, Siri, Cortana, or Alexa, it’s important that the SEO for your company’s website in Vancouver is optimized for voice search. According to Google, 20% of all searches are voice searches. So how do you optimize for that 20%? Keep reading to learn more about the relationship between SEO and voice search and how to optimize your website for voice search.

Need help optimizing your website for voice search? Webmasters is your SEO specialist in Vancouver. We can help you get ahead of the game and benefit from the 20% of searches performed using digital assistants. Here’s our tips for how you can reap benefits from voice search.

How Voice Search Affects SEO

Voice search changes the way we use search engines, and thus the way we optimize for them, in a few ways. First, voice search differs a lot from a typed search by making search inquiries sound more conversational.

Second, voice search changes the nature of keywords themselves, including question words like what, how, when and why.

Lastly, digital assistants usually answer voice searches with their voice, which means, for more visual industries like art or fashion, the creation and distribution of content will have to become more creative.

Tips For Optimizing SEO for Voice Search

All these changes affect the way we do SEO. If you want to get a head start on the changing field, follow our tips for voice search SEO strategy.

Use Microdata

Microdata like location, phone number, pricing, menus, and operating hours help search engines understand what is on any given page which is imperative for SEO in general, but is crucial for voice search.

Having an organized and easy to read sitemap allows digital assistants to find microdata on your site. Include your microdata in pages labeled on your sitemap to make sure search engines can easily locate it. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool can help you test your microdata.

Talk Like Your Customers Would

SEO is no longer just about robots and algorithms – it’s about natural language, how people actually talk. Especially when using voice search, people are using more specific, phrases, and long-tail keywords in their searches.

Aim to use more genuine and specific keywords on your site pages. This is important to remember when creating content and using keywords on your site pages.

Ask The Questions Your Target Customers Would

This tip is a continuation of the importance of natural language. Once you’ve figured out your target keywords and have matched them to their longer-tail forms, you have to figure out what kinds of questions those keywords will be hidden in.

When using voice search, most people will be asking their digital assistant a question such as “Hey Siri, where can I buy nike shoes near me?” when optimizing SEO for voice search, it’s important to think about what questions customers will be asking and to include them in your site content. (FAQ pages are an good way to do this).

Makes Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

In the age of the smartphone, a mobile friendly website is already crucial to have, but the rise of voice search makes this even more imperative since almost all voice searches are done from a mobile device.

A good way to test how mobile friendly your website is is Google’s Test My Site tool. The report from this free tool will help you see what exactly you need to improve to make your site more mobile friendly.

Voice search is one of the newest changes to how people are using search engines. Get ahead of the game by optimizing your website for voice search! Call our SEO experts in Vancouver at (604) 782-6467 today for more information.

Crucial Tips To Know About Web Design and SEO

Web design and SEO are partners in crime when it comes to creating web pages today. A pretty face can only get your website and in effect, your brand so far in bustling, highly-competitive Vancouver. It’s important to know how web design and SEO work together to create visually appealing and effective websites for improved user experience and higher conversion rates.

Here’s a collection of tips for improving both your site’s SEO and web design to deliver an optimal user and customer experience:

Smart and Responsive Design

It is important that your site is both visually appealing and responsive. Responsive design means you website is functional on multiple devices. From an SEO perspective, this means having a single URL for both the mobile and main site. This is an easy way to increase your external backlink count by driving all links to a single URL.

For Google, having a responsive website that performs well especially on mobile devices – easily the most widely-used medium these days – signals an optimal user experience, since users are easily able to find what they need on your site, without having to repeatedly pinch and zoom the screen to find the information they need. When this happens, they’re likely to bounce back to search results. Having users stay on-site and in effect, a low bounce rate signals to Google that your site is responsive not just for users’ mobile devices, but to their queries as well, which contributes to improved rankings.

Clear URL Organization

Ambiguous URLs do not work well with search engines. Aim to create clear and logical URLs. For example, if you’re looking for graphic design in Vancouver, a URL like: will rate higher than something like:

Speed Matters

A slow website can not only cause you to lose customers, but it can also cause you to lose valuable web traffic. On average, mobile users will wait five seconds for a page to load and desktop users will wait only three seconds. Make sure your page is running smoothly by minimizing JavaScripts, enabling compression, using good quality images with smaller file sizes, and browser caching.

Be Careful With JavaScripts

While JavaScript can be useful in creating visually appealing websites, it should be used only be used partially. Search engines work by crawling through websites to index them and excessive use of JavaScripts will cause crawling issues. Other issues when designing with JavaScript include slow page load time and difficult mobile displays – both pitfalls that could cause bounce rate to increase, easily jeopardizing your SEO strategy to rank well on search.

Code Cleaning

Search engines have a hard time recognizing your page if there is too much code on it. Although everything may look fine on the surface, bloated code can cause search engines to detect something amiss making it difficult for crawlers to recognize your page, flagging it as an issue, which can result in your site not being recommended as search result, as it appears not to deliver an optimal user experience.

Limited Use Of Flash

A lot of devices and search engines do not respond well to flash, so it’s advisable to avoid it completely if at all possible when designing an SEO friendly webpage. However, if you are using flash, don’t use it for the entire website. Specifically, make sure not to use flash on important pieces of your website such as navigation and text.

Make Navigation Easy For Everyone

It is crucial to ensure your pages are easy for both customers and search engines to navigate. Menus must be helpful and functional, and you must link your pages together properly. If users can’t find what they need, they will navigate away from your site and possibly bounce back to search results, triggering an increase in bounce rate.

Creating a sitemap can assist with creating easy navigation and better search engine visibility. A sitemap also lets crawlers know immediately about any changes to your website so that the page is indexed faster, allowing you to serve up fresh and up-to-date information to your potential customers in Vancouver.

Web design and SEO work in tandem to create an enticing website for customers. Our web design and SEO experts in Vancouver will optimize your website for higher conversion rates! Contact us today at (604) 782-6467.

Top 3 Ways to Achieve Results & Welcome Growth with SEO Companies

As web marketing becomes one of the most useful tools to all sizes of business, SEO companies head into a bright future. However, this also means that the competition for SEO companies is becoming more saturated. To stay onboard, it’s important to maximize company efficiency and stay as cost-effective as possible.

Keep your company ahead in Surrey by using these 3 tips for an efficient SEO strategy.

Gather Materials Before You Begin

While maybe obvious, this tip is still worth mentioning. Preparation is one of the most important stages for company success in any industry – you have to have all your gears in order before you can start moving. Before beginning any project, make sure you already have all your tools ready including proposed topics, keywords, selling points, company history, and target audience materials.

When preparing your SEO campaign, it’s important to make sure the client is prepared too. SEO companies usually start by preparing a roadmap for the client. A roadmap is an easy to follow guide for your client to use as a point of reference. Usually, it will include basic SEO information to help them understand proposed expensive and timelines, reports, and provide basic info to help them inform your content marketing.

Create Realistic Deadlines

Everyone is familiar with the stress of deadlines. Many clients expect quick results, but realistically, effective results will take a little time. Unless you try to cheat the system with sneaky SEO tactics, likes exploiting and abusing web crawler knowledge, you aren’t likely to see high ranking results over night.

Sneaky tactics for overnight results will usually backfire, so no matter how enticing instant results sound, make sure to only work with SEO companies in Surrey who are more focused on long-term strategies for growth. Not only will this increase client satisfaction through better, longer lasting results, but it will also increase morale for you and your staff.

Day-to-day Details are Key

Effective management is one of the most important, but overlooked, aspects of running a successful and efficient SEO companies. Happy employees bring good results which brings happy clients.

When staff issues arise, it’s often better to provide a detailed explanation to your employees than using harsher discipline. Employees are rarely being purposely malicious or trying to pull one over on you; often, they believe they are doing everything asked of them. In most situations, employees simply require a thorough explanation to fix the issues you’ve identified.

Before opting for a disciplinary approach, evaluate the the explanation you’ve given. Make sure your instructions are clear and benefit the company by cultivating a deeper understanding of the process. Remember that not everyone is coming from the same starting line or knowledge base. Try to look from the employees vantage point and explain yourself in a way that benefits them – not just your task list.

Are you looking towards a smarter use of the latest online marketing trends? Streamline your process with our SEO company in Surrey! Get in touch with our experts at (604) 782-6467.

Designing Scannable Content to Boost Your Company’s Web Conversions

One of the biggest influencers in internet marketing is the quality of the content your company produces. Generated traffic won’t get you very far if it leads to poorly created content that is cluttered, confusing, or filled with spelling and grammar errors.

Going hand in hand with quality content, is quality design. Nobody reads through internet pages thoroughly – readers only scan through pages for information they want, so it’s important to ensure that your website is designed for “scannability”. When people come across your business website in Surrey, readable and scannable content is optimal for boosting conversion rates. Continue reading below to learn how to optimize your web design to improve content “scannability”.

Chunking Content

Large, dense walls of text are an immediate turn off to the typical reader. Readers respond better to content that comes in easily digestible “chunks”. Information parceled into smaller, distinct pieces of text are easier to scan and memorize than long scripts some business owners type in their blogs.

Easy ways to separate your content into chunks is to keep your paragraphs and sentences short. Try to condense your information in as few words as possible and make use of subheadings and lists to organize the content on your page.

Make Word Recognition Easy

While flashy words and industry jargon might seem to make your content more impressive, it usually just makes it incomprehensible to everyday readers.

Keeping your content in layman’s terms makes it accessible to a wider range of people and creates optimal readability. Jargon can slow readers down and at worst put them off completely, sending them off to someone else’s page.

The Flesch-Kincaid Readability test is a useful tool for measuring the readability of your content. The Flesch test greatly helps to create better readability since it forces you to dumb down the vocabulary for a strong grading.

Make Legibility Your Number One Priority

Internet content marketing is about a lot more than the words on a page. Content marketing has a lot to with the page itself, as well. Page design and layout are an important factor to keep in mind when creating web pages for your business.

When designing for legibility, keep in mind that minimalism is the key. Minimalist design makes content easier for readers to scan and quickly find the information they’re looking for. Designing for legibility means optimizing your use of subheadings, bullet points, images, captions and links.

Learn more about how to use web design to increase your company’s conversion rates in Surrey by getting in touch with our experts at (604) 782-6467

Serve Customers On-the-Go with User-Friendly Mobile Web Design

The moment someone thinks of looking for a product or service, chances are, they aren’t waiting for their computers to turn on, so they can do a quick search. These days, all everyone needs to do is whip out a smartphone to find businesses like yours online. When they come across your business in Surrey, their first stop is your website. Based on this interaction, how does your website perform, and lead to a lasting customer relationships?

Thanks to Google’s constant reinvention of the online consumer journey and experience, much of business is now shaped by a primary mobile interaction, through web design that’s ideally functional, powerful especially on mobile devices, and inspires customer retention. But are you up to speed on these latest standards? Here’s what you need to know about mobile-first web design:

The Mobile Difference

With almost everyone online these days, it’s also no wonder how much the Internet has become portable, thanks to a new generation of mobile devices that allow users to take the web with them on-the-go in Surrey. A great deal of Internet activity is now done through smartphones, and Google is responding to this trend accordingly, with the goal of providing users a great mobile experience.

Thanks to Google’s indexing of the mobile versions of websites, your site’s web design – ideally mobile-friendly and responsive – can now also contribute to your search rankings. As Google changes the way it crawls sites, indexes them, and serves them up to users as top search results, your web design could very well make or break the customer experience. The result? A website designed with the mobile user experience in mind could enjoy better rankings and higher engagement!

Desktop vs. Mobile Content

It’s easy to populate a website with content if you only have desktop readers in mind, but with the changing reality that’s evident in the rise of mobile devices, some business owners have taken to using two sites, one for desktop and mobile use. In effect, users see a lot of content differences, which isn’t so good after all. Sure, your mobile site has less clutter, but what it lacks in content could result in lower rankings.

This is where responsive web design comes in handy. By adopting this web design solution, you won’t have to worry about preserving the integrity of your site’s content. Whether they’re on desktop or mobile, your customers won’t feel a difference, allowing them the complete experience and full information on your products and services offered in Surrey.

With a responsive website, your customers can easily browse product information, shop, and subscribe to services or updates on-the-go using their smartphones – an experience that’s just as complete and converting as on a wide screen desktop computer.

Constantly Changing Mobile Standards

Just earlier this year, Google rolled out yet again another update: AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages. There’s much to be seen with how this platform for building web pages will shake up and completely change SEO rankings and user experience standards, but it’s off to quite a revolutionary start.

For one, AMP web design is meant to deliver pages that load lightning fast – in as little time as a fraction of a second. Since site speed is a crucial ranking factor, AMP web design surely has your site covered.

While it’s not yet the ideal solution for e-commerce as it doesn’t support a lot of the functionality online stores are built on, this new web design platform is great for delivering mostly just content to users – ideal if your site provides a lot of information about your business in such a competitive and high-volume industry.

When applicable, the rewards are pretty sweet, too. As users search for something related to your business in Surrey, and there’s enough relevant results to go on, your AMP website doesn’t just rank highly on search, but is actually displayed on a carousel above the normal results. This way, your business is far more visible, and could potentially engage more customers.

Clearly, there’s a lot of changes going on in the field of web design – and to succeed, your business is best off subscribing to these trends and updates, staying relevant in the market, and the leading product or service provider online.

Be the business customers in Surrey can reach online on-the-go, and enjoy the rewards of their recognition and trust in your brand. Get in touch with our experts to subscribe to the latest in web design, and achieve customer satisfaction. Call us at (604) 782-6467.

4 Key Factors in Powerfully Converting Web Design

There are countless web design factors that can be considered when creating a high converting web page, but the main key is creating highly search engine optimized pages is the key to maximizing profits from your business’ website in Burnaby. Check out these tips for creating great web pages with a high conversion rate:


Creating product names which take into account high volume Google searches is a great use use of SEO and web design resources available to you. Combining SEO keywords with your business’ brand name in Burnaby, or including them alongside your brand name is a creative and technical web design approach to improve your website.

Non-text Content

Google’s top priority is to always help the user find what exactly they’re looking for. If you use photos or videos as a part of your web design, It’s important for you to let Google know what they’re content is about, or else Google might not find and rank your product when similar items are searched for.

A transcript of a video, or a short explanation of a photo is a great way to ensure that Google will rank your products for a relevant search. Along with this, make sure that your images’ meta tags are properly filled out and correspond to the keyword you’re targeting on the page they appear. Additionally, make sure that your video’s descriptions are properly optimized as well. Having a variety of media types on your Burnaby business’s website is a great, integrated approach to web design, so don’t avoid them in fear of damaging SEO.


Engagement is the goal of web design. It occurs when a user finds your business’s website, likely through Google, and stays on your website as they find information relevant to their search. To achieve this, make sure that the keywords you target are actually relevant to your products, if not, Google can analyze that the engagement on your website is low, and will lower the ranking accordingly.

You’ll see this when you check the bounce rate – a high rate signals to Google that users don’t find what they need on your site, and were just led there through common ‘clickbait’ titles or descriptions, causing them to leave right away and ‘bounce back’ to search. Over time, a high bounce rate can affect your site’s rankings – and that’s bad for brand visibility.

The Importance of Backlinks

Having good quality backlinks to your Burnaby business’s websites shows Google that your website is also good quality. Backlinks from press, blogs, or high traffic directories, for example, are valuable. So it’s important to build partnerships, link a supplier’s website, and encourage users to leave links in reviews, to maximize links from different domains. Backlinks are a key SEO and web design factor for your website.

It’s great that potential customers are landing on your website, but do they see enough to make them stay? Have your website optimized by our web design and SEO experts in Burnaby for higher conversion rates! Get in touch with us at (604) 782-6467 today.

An Experience to Remember: Customer Service through Mobile Web Design

Everyone is on their phones these days – from four-year olds watching videos, to grandparents posting adorable comments, it’s true that the days of large and clunky desktop computers are long gone, if you’re just quickly browsing for information or communicating on the web. In their place are smartphones – with smaller screens that make web design, especially for rising business in a city like Burnaby quite the challenge, yet extremely powerful when done right.

Mobile web design is quickly reshaping the way your potential customers browse the Internet in their search for products and services like yours in Burnaby. On the smallest of screens and in such a limited space, the challenge in online marketing is to pack the most powerful message on such a small display, through a website that is built with the modern, mobile customer experience in mind.

So how exactly can you adopt a web design that’s made for mobile and can easily convert your potential customers in Burnaby to long-standing clients? Here’s how you can create an ideal mobile browsing experience:

Pictures that Speak More than a Thousand Words

It’s true what they say about pictures – they’re worth over a thousand words. In mobile web design, it’s important to optimize your images for the best display on smartphones. This includes selecting high quality images, without sacrificing site speed that can slow down loading times and cause customers to leave your site.

If SEO is as important to you as it should be, make sure your site’s images are optimized for search as well, not just the text. By choosing relevant images to use, optimizing their meta tags according to the keywords you hope to rank for, and writing relevant captions, Google can include these images in their regular site crawl, and when relevant to searches, your images will appear in the results. That’s a huge plus for boosting your presence online!

Create Trust with Reviews

As your potential customers search for products and services like yours offered in Burnaby, they don’t just look up the specs and details – more often, their decision is based on reviews of other customers who share their experience with your business online.

Trust is always key in the customer experience, and to create it in your brand, potential customers have to see genuinely favorable reviews based on experiences of past customers. Since the advent of reviews, they have become indispensable tools in online marketing, and to compete in Burnaby, you’ll want to be able to demonstrate that your products and services don’t just look good from afar, but can deliver results they can count on.

Apart from off-site forums, you can also incorporate reviews from customers in your site’s web design, through a testimonials page. This way, potential customers browsing for reviews on your products and services can come across this page, and with it, convert their site visit to leads and sales.

Short and Sweet

Nobody likes going through a web page or blog post and feel like they’re back in school dealing with heavy textbooks, long and complex statements, and never-ending chunks of text. Move to a smartphone, and in just a few minutes of not being able to find the information they need after some scrolling, and potential customers will definitely leave your site and bounce back to search results.

To keep content fresh and easy to consume, make sure that your web design supports the reading and browsing experience on mobile. Apart from short and and succinct content, make sure that the display is optimal – no pinching the screen or endlessly scrolling just to get the big picture. In this day and age of smartphones, there’s nothing like outdated, desktop-friendly-only web design that turns every potential customer away.

Your next customer could be on their phone right now, browsing for products and services like yours. When they land on your website, will they like what they see and become one of your regulars? Reach our mobile web design experts in Burnaby at (604) 782-6467!

Smart Web Design Down to the Details: Optimized Product Pages

Products in the market these days have changed and evolved sophisticatedly over the years, and so have the methods customers use to reach them. Many businesses, whether they are located in Vancouver, Burnaby, or Langley – have websites that are largely accessible to all,  and have become a unique and modern marketplace for their products or services.

As such, the use of a web design service in Burnaby or Langley can help you to optimize your website’s product pages, making them shine for the money maker that they really are.

Here’s how you can avoid publishing suboptimal product pages (which are less likely to convert!) with an integrated and seamless web design to boost your sales in Burnaby and Langley.

Conversion-worthy Product Optimization

Host Reviews

Brand reputation is everything, and opting for a web design strategy that incorporates reviews on your website shows your audience that customer experience truly matters to you, and has the power to shape how you improve your business. Additionally, this smart web design feature allows you to control how reviews affect conversion, as customers won’t have to leave your website and look towards third-party sites to check reviews.

When the market sees great and authentic reviews immediately after viewing a product on your site, it’s easier to convert their visit into a lead or sale you can definitely count on.

Juice up Product Titles

Product titles are always a challenge: on one hand, you want your product to rank well on search, so you want to make sure it’s optimized for SEO; but at the same time, it can’t sound like spam, oversaturated with the keyword, that it may turn away potential customers. The key is striking a balance by ensuring that your titles are catchy, relevant, and informative, without wasting character space on modifiers solely for SEO. Your most important consideration should be titles that read well for real people who may very well be your next customers.

Use High Quality Photos

People are highly visual creatures, so neglecting to incorporate high quality and communicative images in your web design will surely hurt conversion rates. The clearer and higher the quality of product images you use, the more likely it is to engage viewers and capture their interest in your offers. When incorporating images in your Burnaby or Langley business’ web design, make sure to show different angles of products you are promoting, and make sure that the image slider has a prominent position on the page.

Integrate Videos in the Product Page Copy

Videos are a great way to illustrate the use and benefits of your products, giving potential users the exact look, feel, and use they should be able to expect when they buy your products. Moreover, search engines like Google love rich media, and videos are one of them. As not all users have a liking for reading content to learn about product specs, capturing their interest in even a short video expertly incorporated in web design can help convert their visits into leads and sales your business in Burnaby or Langley can count on.

Express Your Brand through Product Descriptions

If you’re selling products from different manufacturers, the easy way out is to populate product pages with manufacturer descriptions, but this isn’t a smart way to leverage powerfully converting web design for your business in Burnaby or Langley. When you merely copy and paste manufacturer descriptions, you lose ample opportunities to express your brand, optimize product pages for SEO, and capture the user’s interest.

If your website hosts a lot of products, limit descriptions to 60-80 words, and use buttons like ‘Lean More’ to expand into a more detailed description. By tailoring product descriptions, you promote smart web design and a better browsing experience for potential customers, while distilling the strongest selling points of your products into bite-sized, captivating pieces of content customers in Burnaby and Langley will love and likely choose.

Selling or promoting products online? Deliver a customer experience that’s more likely to convert visits to leads and sales through smart and integrated web design. Call us at (604) 782-6467 for engaging web design today!

5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Your business in Langley needs to have an online presence in today’s world, and your website needs to be well designed. Sometimes, despite having a website, and having great web design, businesses fail to make a good transition to their online platforms. While there could be numerous reasons why a website isn’t effective, here are 5 common explanations for website failures.

No clear calls-to-action

Unsuccessful websites often leave their visitors in the dark by making them guess what they want their customers to do next on the website. Clear instructions through a call to action button or hyperlinked text that is front and center is a great way to prevent this. If you need help creating a website with clean and clear calls-to-action, don’t hesitate to get help from a web design company. Remember, without these calls-to-action, potential customers in Langley won’t move forward with the services or resources that a website is offering and business conversions are missed out on. 

Broken Payment Platform

Except when relying on a third party payment platform, it’s a website’s responsibility to frequently check to make sure that everything on it is working properly. An unsuccessful website won’t be able to make a sale or receive a payment from Langley customers when its cart or payment processor is down. Function is an important part of great of web design.

Outdated Design

Web Pages that are maintained and have a fresh and up to date web design, build trust and credibility. That doesn’t mean that websites should be redesigned once a month, but a major web design overhaul every few years will keep a website looking contemporary. A website that looks like Geocities page is usually unattractive to Langley customers.

Annoying Clutter

Some websites have music or videos that play automatically once your enter the site packed with flashing ads. These are examples of poor web design. These badly designed sites actively turn away Langley customers and avoid business conversions. Many customers today visit websites on their mobile phones, and this type of clutter slows down the consumer experience even further on phones. This means that a successful site should have clean and organized web design, using sub-headings, bullet lists and graphic elements so that visitors can digest information in smaller chunks.

Lack of Interlinks

A lot of businesses in Langley and around the world attempt to send all their traffic to their website’s homepage, as opposed to finding relevant landing pages that customers want, and linking them there. This is often a result of service pages and other pages on unsuccessful website being an afterthought in the web design process. Instead, successful websites create specific landing pages for the various types of information that their customers need to boost conversion rates, and successfully generate leads to turn into sales.


Looking to take your business’s online presence to the next level? Call Web masters in Langley at (604) 782-6467 to learn how you can avoid these mistakes and make your website a complete success.