10 Web Design Mistakes Beginners Make

If you’re new to web design, it’s easy to get carried away with all the pretty colours and themes. Standing out is your goal, but you want to make sure you stay organized and user friendly. So, having a list of what to do and what to avoid while you design your site is always handy and resourceful.

If you’re just starting out with web design, you don’t have to adapt to the rules alone. Putting your business in the hands of a web design company in Vancouver means you can be sure your site fulfills every aspect of a high ranking website. Let’s see what paths are best to cross and which are best to stray from.

Mistake #1: Completely Reinventing the Layout

Of course, you want to be creative with your page. However, user friendliness is always priority. An over complicated layout can quickly lead to a tedious and hard to navigate page. This might make your home page the exit page, which you definitely want to avoid. Keep it relatively simple by using recommendations from user experience.

Mistake #2: Obtrusive or Distracting Background Graphics

It may sound simple, but the amount of websites with backgrounds that either take away from the site’s content or even make the content difficult to focus on are far too common. Make sure your background is simple and compliments the rest of your site. Having illegible text because of your background choice is a web design nightmare that will quickly lead to high bounce rates.

Mistake #3: Neglecting Mobile Optimization

You need to make sure all of your text, images, and other content is mobile optimized. You can use a mobile editor to make sure your web design, background, and text all look great on a mobile device. This is a crucial step as most people are now using their phones for search.

Mistake #4: Inefficient Use of Space

Cluttering the page is a surefire way to overwhelm users. Create a hierarchy for your information and determine where is best to place it. White space (space without text) isn’t a bad thing and can come in handy for clean organization. Avoid messiness as it could cause your customer to miss a vital piece of information.

Mistake #5: Clashing Colours

Just because you like mint green and creamsicle orange doesn’t mean they should be paired together. Colour theory is a real concept that can help your content be presented in a more pleasing way. It may even cause the user to associate your site with a particular feeling. So educate yourself on the power of colour theory and use it to your advantage.

Mistake #6: Mediocre Image Quality

You want your web design to always appear professional, and look as though you personally take pride in what you offer. Don’t be afraid of cropping a photo or applying a filter to achieve high quality, professional looking photos. There are many websites that give you access to quality, free photos you can use on your site like unspalsh.com and pexels.com, so that you keep your images fresh and creative.

Mistake #7: Impersonable Stock Images

While looking for high quality photos is definitely a priority, you also want your business to appeal to real people. Relatable is the new ideal. Make sure your web design includes images that instill a sense of trust and believability.

Mistake #8: Flashy and Tacky Effects

Less is more. Animations are okay, but overusing them can turn into an unfortunate mess. Text effects and image effects have their time and place in your web design, but by no means is this area a free for all.

Mistake #9: Wordy Text

You want your text and content to be concise and targeted to your audience. Plan your text so it reads in a search engine friendly way and has a tone of voice your target market can relate to. Make your words resonate with your customers and leave out anything they don’t need.

Mistake #10: Randomly Selected Fonts

Your font can trigger specific associations with what you’re offering. Make sure it’s consistent and adds to your brand. For example, a minimalist font might be appropriate for a spa, whereas a fancy, hard to read font could be distracting or take away from the content. Serif fonts tend to be better for professional tones, while sans fonts work better for exciting, fun-centered pages. Font is not to be ignored.

Enhance Your Web Design

This list of 10 mistakes may seem like a lot, but they’re just the beginning of misguided web design. Whether it’s the artistic insight, the technical function, or the marketing mentality you are missing in your web design, we work to ensure your site offers an entirely user friendly experience. Our design strategists make navigation, aesthetics, and communication one in the same. Don’t make the mistakes of your competitors, and invest in your web design today.

Need a helping hand with web design? Work with a web design company to revamp your brand in Vancouver, and optimize your visibility for customer satisfaction. Contact us at: 604-782-6467!

Why SEO Companies are the Secret to Small Business Success

If you’re in the midst of starting up a small business, chances are you’ve probably heard about SEO. Maybe you’ve even tried experimenting with it yourself. Whether you’ve had some success or can’t seem to grasp it, it helps to turn to people who understand how to effectively optimize your content.

SEO companies already well-versed in the field can take the load off your hands, so you can focus on further honing the unique offers that drive your success in the market. By investing in the services of an SEO company, your business in Vancouver can grow and build a name for itself.

SEO for Beginners

There are many aspects of SEO that work better for some businesses than others depending on the industry and location. In general, SEO is made up of all the aspects that allow your site to be seen by the customers who are looking for what you offer, starting with a simple, but highly competitive search on Google. An SEO company will accomplish this in a number of ways:

  • Web Design: Ensuring the page is easy to navigate and functions on mobile devices
  • Content: Concisely and immediately answers customers’ query
  • Content Marketing: A blog with sufficient information works to address a wide audience efficiently
  • On-Page Optimization: Titles and meta descriptions have key words
  • Local SEO: SEO suits the market environment and the specific areas you do business in
  • Authority: Site consistently has high search engine rankings
  • Credibility: Reviews, portfolios and blog posts to establish your business’ credibility

SEO Serves Quick Return and Competitive Edge

Though SEO requires constant tweaking to get your business first page rankings, every effort put forth to target keywords increases your visibility to customers. SEO acts as a competitive asset to your business and will function best for you by keeping these points in mind:

  • Invest: Choosing an SEO company that helps gain the attention of your customers is worth the investment.
  • Time: The speed at which you will see customer response is much faster when you have an SEO company on your team.
  • Competitors: An SEO company can identify dominated search terms and work to find terms that will direct your customers specifically to you.

Basic Monthly SEO Tasks

SEO companies primarily work on on-page optimization, content creation, content optimization, and link building. With link building, we embed natural links into other content, whether on a blog or other web page to help direct general interest, into specific interest that leads to your business.

It’s important to keep track of current keywords, keywords that have been used and their performance, the work that’s been completed (link proof), and your plans for improvement. These are the building blocks for SEO success, but can be difficult to manage without a marketing strategist.

SEO initiatives are strongly recommended for any small business startup in Vancouver’s competitive market. Without help, it’s easy to slip under the radar. Working with a team of strategists wreaks significant pay off whether you seek aid with all of your online marketing or simply just on side projects. Sky rocket your business’s online presence now!

If you’re a small business in need of direction, don’t enter Vancouver’s market quietly. Seek the help of a specialized SEO company that can help optimize your online success rate in Vancouver. Contact us today at 604-782-6467!

4 Simple Ways To Advance your Marketing Potential with YouTube

As you may know from personal experience, people spend millions of hours viewing YouTube videos every day worldwide. It’s become one of the most popular platforms next to Google search itself for consumer answers and reviews. This traffic means that building your brand via a YouTube channel may be the answer to your online marketing setbacks. Video allows your customer to see exactly what you have to offer, creating a “proof” element that plain text lacks.

By experimenting with different mediums, you open your customer pool even wider. Many people prefer an interactive way to access information than the passive experience of reading an article. You may find a whole new audience by including YouTube in your online marketing strategy. You can reach a broader audience by using YouTube as an SEO platform for your Vancouver business, and it’s done in four main ways:

Make Unique and Useful Content

You want your customer’s viewing experience to contain information or a demonstration that can’t be found elsewhere. This content will increase the length of your views, a critical component you must capitalize on for optimization. Reach the consumer on both an educational and emotional level by associating your content with a feeling.

Your online marketing efforts should incite inspiration, happiness, or the need for self improvement that give the customer a lasting positive feeling towards your business. While you do this, make sure you tell the consumer something they didn’t know before so they feel the need to watch your entire video. Keeping your video relatively short makes the act less daunting and assumes your content is concise.

Allow Google and YouTube to Recognize your Content

You need to show these search engines your video through keywords you’re poised to rank for. Your chances of optimizing this communication lay in your ability to:

  • Optimize your title: Keep it short with a key phrase you want customers to be inquiring about. SEO specialists can help with finding your best phrases.
  • Relevant tags: Think quality over quantity when it comes to tags. Using SEO will help here as well when defining who will need to view your video and what they will need to know.
  • Full description: Use your description as chance to drop your keywords frequently. The longer the description, the more keywords, and the more chances to be recognized by Google.
  • Closed captions and transcripts: Using keywords here is another chance to both utilize SEO strategies and broaden the usability of your video for a wider audience.

Make a Strong Call To Action (CTA)

Make sure your online marketing efforts don’t go to waste. Once you have your customer, don’t let them go. YouTube annotations are a convenient place to make these CTAs. Make sure they don’t distract the viewer from the video but merely make their interest in your business easy to follow up on. Online marketing and SEO companies are great resources to help you craft this essential part of your online engagement with potential customers.

Video Promotion

Integrate your YouTube marketing promotion into every other aspect of your online presence. Put your video on your website, your social media, and your Google + page. Interact with your customers by answering questions and responding to positive comments. Traffic (comments and views in this case) are what allow higher ranking and encourage the accumulation of views. The more pages you have your videos on, the better.

Online Marketing Companies: Working a Step above the Rest

Having a variety of SEO platforms to promote your business can get hard to keep track of, and adding YouTube to the mix doesn’t exactly cut down the workload. After seeing the flexibility that SEO offers, its clear that it’s a marketing technique worth investing in. It’s not only necessary for a successful online business, but must be managed and tracked properly to work to its full effect. Start communicating with our marketing strategists in Vancouver to build your online presence.

Create your business’s YouTube presence with the help of an online marketing or SEO company in Vancouver. Interact with your customers on one of the most popular marketing platforms in this day and age. Contact us today at 604-782-6467!

Web Design Company Vancouver BC

Graphically speaking Web Masters Corp has so many years of creative experience that we feel like every design we get out on the Web works right from the start. We have website designers that really understands the industry in BC and Greater Vancouver, our Google search analysts have each over 10 years of marketing experience and our website developers are always ready to take on new challenges.

When you are looking for a website design company that will graphically please your clients and technically perform better on Google search, you want to talk with us.

We have many clients in Greater Vancouver Area in BC, many industries that we serve with website design, graphic design, SEO (Search Engines Optimization), Google AdWords management and marketing consulting on how to get more leads from the Internet.

Social media both organic and paid campaigns are used by our search analysts to generate leads as well as bring your brand in front of audiences that Google search may have limited reach and influence with.

Need help with your website, SEO, AdWords or anything online marketing? contact us and we can discuss strategy together.


Blog your Way to Successful Online Marketing in Vancouver

Don’t underestimate the power of a blog. What was once only used as a personal collection of thoughts and experiences is now one of the best ways to reach a consumer base. As online marketing specialists, we know that blogs are the most personable way to connect with customers on an informative and engaging level.

Regularly posting blogs allow your business in Vancouver to be found, and have your content and services resonate with your target audience. Let’s count the ways blogs have changed the world of online marketing so you can start reaching the larger customer base that awaits!

Blog for a Higher Website Ranking

You want Google to be your biggest fan. When you blog, your page is indexed in Google, the search engine that people turn to for answers and solutions. Think of keeping an up to date blog as maintaining a current and relevant reputation for Google to trust as an authoritative source. The higher the rank, the more traffic generated around your page, and therefore your business. With an effective online marketing strategy, you can be certain that your business can always reach potential customers, allowing you to market and tailor  will always make you available to those who need exactly what you offer.

Blogging Increases your Lead Count

Blogging even just a couple of times a month can provide big returns. Frequently posting has been known to provide businesses up to a 70% advantage in generating leads online. This jump in interaction often occurs because fresh updates, such as a new blog post essentially ‘pings’ Google, or signals it to crawl your site, since new and potentially useful information is available, which it can share with users on the hunt for business like yours and the deals you offer.

Further, there is an increase in call-to-action statements (CTA’s) that circulate through blogs. This call provides a form of contact or a subscription that immediately makes your potential customers closer to you and your business in Vancouver, further inclining them to take action.

Blogs + Social Media = Credibility

When you combine social media and blogging as an online marketing tool, Google and other search engines are more inclined to match key phrases to your page and verify relevancy and your site’s domain authority. Again, this means higher ranks, more clicks, and a stand out name. Using your blog as a type of newsletter to be posted on social media is also an advantage of combining your business blog with its social media reach and engagement potential. Keeping your customers updated anyway you can is always good for credibility and rankings.

Blog for Long-Lasting Traffic

Reinventing your blog in a way that still manages to answer your customers questions will reap on going benefits. Keeping customers interested and informed in fresh ways makes establishing a loyal consumer base much easier since your business won’t fall next to new up and coming businesses, but will only become stronger and more relevant to Google. Working with an online marketing specialist who understands your needs and goals is a sure way to prepare for lasting success.

One-up your Competition

Use your business’ blog as a way of staying a step ahead of the competition. Keeping an eye on their blog may even work to help you produce content that naturally makes consumers come to you instead. Many of the most successful businesses owe portions of their ongoing success to the blog posts they have produced. Now that you know the power of a blog, get started with us today!

Start blogging to beat the competition in Vancouver. Online marketing services are the answer to a strong business that remains relevant to Google and your consumers for years to come. Contact us at 604-782-6467!

How To Avoid These 5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes

In the ever changing world of SEO (search engine optimization) marketing, mistakes are bound to be made. Especially if you’re new to the game, SEO can be confusing and overwhelming. However, if you’re looking to enter the online marketing world, there are some common SEO mistakes you should learn to avoid.

Having trouble starting SEO marketing for your website? Check out our tips below to learn how to avoid common SEO mistakes to achieve high rankings for your business in Vancouver.

Only Optimizing for One Keyword

Optimizing webpages for a single keyword was common practice in the “olden days” of SEO. However, as search engines increasingly improve to become better at determining search intent, optimizing for one keyword is simply an ineffective method in order to get noticed by search engines. Not only is it ineffective, but this practice also provides a poor user experience for your audience.

What to do instead: Instead of focusing on just one keyword, hone in on keyword topics that hit a variety of relevant and related search terms.

Not Optimizing for the Right Keyword

Another keyword mistake is not focusing on the right keywords. Keywords that may bring you a lot of traffic are easy to focus on, but they don’t always provide the best results in terms of rankings or conversions.

Examples of keywords to avoid include: national or global keywords when you only sell locally (i.e. “canadian hats”), keywords that don’t optimize for conversions (i.e. “hat types”), broad keywords that may bring more traffic but are very competitive (i.e. “best hat prices”), and generic keywords that don’t attract visitors interested in what you’re offering (i.e. “scarves in Surrey” if you’re a hat company).

What to do instead: if you’re looking to attract quality traffic and gain conversions, it’s more beneficial to target specific phrases in your keywords that closely match what you’re offering. The best keywords are 2 – 4 word phrases that accurately describe what you offer. For example, you could say “hat prices in Surrey” or “kids hats for sale in Surrey”.

Forgetting About Mobile Users

Regardless of what you are selling, it can be pretty much guaranteed that a good portion of your audience is using a mobile device – in fact, nearly 60% of all searches are done on mobile. So, if you’re content isn’t mobile friendly, the user experience will be negatively impacted resulting in a higher bounce rate and less conversions.

What to do instead: Work to make sure that your website and it’s content is mobile friendly by changing your sites theme if it’s outdated or working with a developer to create better mobile responsiveness. Some tips you can follow is making sure your site runs fast, creating scannable content, and making good use of pictures.

If you really want to create a great mobile experience, you could also make your site an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). An AMP is basically a stripped down version of HTML that is designed to make really fast mobile pages for a better user experience.

Publishing Non-Original Content

This next mistake is related to the quality of your content. Back in the day, duplicating text from site to site was common practice, but today search engines see this as a spammy practice and may penalize this approach.

What to do instead: Take the time and invest in creating original content for your site and all site pages to avoid having your website penalized. Google can downgrade your site, and the search phrases it ranks for pushing it all the way to positions of search results that people won’t see.

Focusing on Quantity Over Quality

As the world of content becomes more and more competitive, it can be tempting to try and out-create the competition. However, simply publishing more content won’t secure results, especially if the content is low quality that doesn’t actually help your audience.

What to do instead: Rather than just trying to publish more content, work to create a content strategy that includes audience and keyword topic research as well as formatting pieces for scannability including visual elements.  Beyond this, you should also be researching other content that is already out there and seeing what your competitors are doing. This will help you identify content gaps and create content that’s missing from the conversation.

SEO marketing can be a difficult field to navigate, especially if you’re new to the scene. Don’t get lost in the keywords, avoid common SEO mistakes and achieve higher rankings and conversions in Vancouver! Call our SEO marketing experts today at (604) 782-6467 for more information.

How To Optimize SEO For Voice Search

With the rise of voice recognition and search softwares from Google, Siri, Cortana, or Alexa, it’s important that the SEO for your company’s website in Vancouver is optimized for voice search. According to Google, 20% of all searches are voice searches. So how do you optimize for that 20%? Keep reading to learn more about the relationship between SEO and voice search and how to optimize your website for voice search.

Need help optimizing your website for voice search? Webmasters is your SEO specialist in Vancouver. We can help you get ahead of the game and benefit from the 20% of searches performed using digital assistants. Here’s our tips for how you can reap benefits from voice search.

How Voice Search Affects SEO

Voice search changes the way we use search engines, and thus the way we optimize for them, in a few ways. First, voice search differs a lot from a typed search by making search inquiries sound more conversational.

Second, voice search changes the nature of keywords themselves, including question words like what, how, when and why.

Lastly, digital assistants usually answer voice searches with their voice, which means, for more visual industries like art or fashion, the creation and distribution of content will have to become more creative.

Tips For Optimizing SEO for Voice Search

All these changes affect the way we do SEO. If you want to get a head start on the changing field, follow our tips for voice search SEO strategy.

Use Microdata

Microdata like location, phone number, pricing, menus, and operating hours help search engines understand what is on any given page which is imperative for SEO in general, but is crucial for voice search.

Having an organized and easy to read sitemap allows digital assistants to find microdata on your site. Include your microdata in pages labeled on your sitemap to make sure search engines can easily locate it. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool can help you test your microdata.

Talk Like Your Customers Would

SEO is no longer just about robots and algorithms – it’s about natural language, how people actually talk. Especially when using voice search, people are using more specific, phrases, and long-tail keywords in their searches.

Aim to use more genuine and specific keywords on your site pages. This is important to remember when creating content and using keywords on your site pages.

Ask The Questions Your Target Customers Would

This tip is a continuation of the importance of natural language. Once you’ve figured out your target keywords and have matched them to their longer-tail forms, you have to figure out what kinds of questions those keywords will be hidden in.

When using voice search, most people will be asking their digital assistant a question such as “Hey Siri, where can I buy nike shoes near me?” when optimizing SEO for voice search, it’s important to think about what questions customers will be asking and to include them in your site content. (FAQ pages are an good way to do this).

Makes Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

In the age of the smartphone, a mobile friendly website is already crucial to have, but the rise of voice search makes this even more imperative since almost all voice searches are done from a mobile device.

A good way to test how mobile friendly your website is is Google’s Test My Site tool. The report from this free tool will help you see what exactly you need to improve to make your site more mobile friendly.

Voice search is one of the newest changes to how people are using search engines. Get ahead of the game by optimizing your website for voice search! Call our SEO experts in Vancouver at (604) 782-6467 today for more information.

Crucial Tips To Know About Web Design and SEO

Web design and SEO are partners in crime when it comes to creating web pages today. A pretty face can only get your website and in effect, your brand so far in bustling, highly-competitive Vancouver. It’s important to know how web design and SEO work together to create visually appealing and effective websites for improved user experience and higher conversion rates.

Here’s a collection of tips for improving both your site’s SEO and web design to deliver an optimal user and customer experience:

Smart and Responsive Design

It is important that your site is both visually appealing and responsive. Responsive design means you website is functional on multiple devices. From an SEO perspective, this means having a single URL for both the mobile and main site. This is an easy way to increase your external backlink count by driving all links to a single URL.

For Google, having a responsive website that performs well especially on mobile devices – easily the most widely-used medium these days – signals an optimal user experience, since users are easily able to find what they need on your site, without having to repeatedly pinch and zoom the screen to find the information they need. When this happens, they’re likely to bounce back to search results. Having users stay on-site and in effect, a low bounce rate signals to Google that your site is responsive not just for users’ mobile devices, but to their queries as well, which contributes to improved rankings.

Clear URL Organization

Ambiguous URLs do not work well with search engines. Aim to create clear and logical URLs. For example, if you’re looking for graphic design in Vancouver, a URL like: www.domain.com/graphic-design-Vancouver will rate higher than something like: www.domain.com/post/id4329304

Speed Matters

A slow website can not only cause you to lose customers, but it can also cause you to lose valuable web traffic. On average, mobile users will wait five seconds for a page to load and desktop users will wait only three seconds. Make sure your page is running smoothly by minimizing JavaScripts, enabling compression, using good quality images with smaller file sizes, and browser caching.

Be Careful With JavaScripts

While JavaScript can be useful in creating visually appealing websites, it should be used only be used partially. Search engines work by crawling through websites to index them and excessive use of JavaScripts will cause crawling issues. Other issues when designing with JavaScript include slow page load time and difficult mobile displays – both pitfalls that could cause bounce rate to increase, easily jeopardizing your SEO strategy to rank well on search.

Code Cleaning

Search engines have a hard time recognizing your page if there is too much code on it. Although everything may look fine on the surface, bloated code can cause search engines to detect something amiss making it difficult for crawlers to recognize your page, flagging it as an issue, which can result in your site not being recommended as search result, as it appears not to deliver an optimal user experience.

Limited Use Of Flash

A lot of devices and search engines do not respond well to flash, so it’s advisable to avoid it completely if at all possible when designing an SEO friendly webpage. However, if you are using flash, don’t use it for the entire website. Specifically, make sure not to use flash on important pieces of your website such as navigation and text.

Make Navigation Easy For Everyone

It is crucial to ensure your pages are easy for both customers and search engines to navigate. Menus must be helpful and functional, and you must link your pages together properly. If users can’t find what they need, they will navigate away from your site and possibly bounce back to search results, triggering an increase in bounce rate.

Creating a sitemap can assist with creating easy navigation and better search engine visibility. A sitemap also lets crawlers know immediately about any changes to your website so that the page is indexed faster, allowing you to serve up fresh and up-to-date information to your potential customers in Vancouver.

Web design and SEO work in tandem to create an enticing website for customers. Our web design and SEO experts in Vancouver will optimize your website for higher conversion rates! Contact us today at (604) 782-6467.

Top 3 Ways to Achieve Results & Welcome Growth with SEO Companies

As web marketing becomes one of the most useful tools to all sizes of business, SEO companies head into a bright future. However, this also means that the competition for SEO companies is becoming more saturated. To stay onboard, it’s important to maximize company efficiency and stay as cost-effective as possible.

Keep your company ahead in Surrey by using these 3 tips for an efficient SEO strategy.

Gather Materials Before You Begin

While maybe obvious, this tip is still worth mentioning. Preparation is one of the most important stages for company success in any industry – you have to have all your gears in order before you can start moving. Before beginning any project, make sure you already have all your tools ready including proposed topics, keywords, selling points, company history, and target audience materials.

When preparing your SEO campaign, it’s important to make sure the client is prepared too. SEO companies usually start by preparing a roadmap for the client. A roadmap is an easy to follow guide for your client to use as a point of reference. Usually, it will include basic SEO information to help them understand proposed expensive and timelines, reports, and provide basic info to help them inform your content marketing.

Create Realistic Deadlines

Everyone is familiar with the stress of deadlines. Many clients expect quick results, but realistically, effective results will take a little time. Unless you try to cheat the system with sneaky SEO tactics, likes exploiting and abusing web crawler knowledge, you aren’t likely to see high ranking results over night.

Sneaky tactics for overnight results will usually backfire, so no matter how enticing instant results sound, make sure to only work with SEO companies in Surrey who are more focused on long-term strategies for growth. Not only will this increase client satisfaction through better, longer lasting results, but it will also increase morale for you and your staff.

Day-to-day Details are Key

Effective management is one of the most important, but overlooked, aspects of running a successful and efficient SEO companies. Happy employees bring good results which brings happy clients.

When staff issues arise, it’s often better to provide a detailed explanation to your employees than using harsher discipline. Employees are rarely being purposely malicious or trying to pull one over on you; often, they believe they are doing everything asked of them. In most situations, employees simply require a thorough explanation to fix the issues you’ve identified.

Before opting for a disciplinary approach, evaluate the the explanation you’ve given. Make sure your instructions are clear and benefit the company by cultivating a deeper understanding of the process. Remember that not everyone is coming from the same starting line or knowledge base. Try to look from the employees vantage point and explain yourself in a way that benefits them – not just your task list.

Are you looking towards a smarter use of the latest online marketing trends? Streamline your process with our SEO company in Surrey! Get in touch with our experts at (604) 782-6467.

Designing Scannable Content to Boost Your Company’s Web Conversions

One of the biggest influencers in internet marketing is the quality of the content your company produces. Generated traffic won’t get you very far if it leads to poorly created content that is cluttered, confusing, or filled with spelling and grammar errors.

Going hand in hand with quality content, is quality design. Nobody reads through internet pages thoroughly – readers only scan through pages for information they want, so it’s important to ensure that your website is designed for “scannability”. When people come across your business website in Surrey, readable and scannable content is optimal for boosting conversion rates. Continue reading below to learn how to optimize your web design to improve content “scannability”.

Chunking Content

Large, dense walls of text are an immediate turn off to the typical reader. Readers respond better to content that comes in easily digestible “chunks”. Information parceled into smaller, distinct pieces of text are easier to scan and memorize than long scripts some business owners type in their blogs.

Easy ways to separate your content into chunks is to keep your paragraphs and sentences short. Try to condense your information in as few words as possible and make use of subheadings and lists to organize the content on your page.

Make Word Recognition Easy

While flashy words and industry jargon might seem to make your content more impressive, it usually just makes it incomprehensible to everyday readers.

Keeping your content in layman’s terms makes it accessible to a wider range of people and creates optimal readability. Jargon can slow readers down and at worst put them off completely, sending them off to someone else’s page.

The Flesch-Kincaid Readability test is a useful tool for measuring the readability of your content. The Flesch test greatly helps to create better readability since it forces you to dumb down the vocabulary for a strong grading.

Make Legibility Your Number One Priority

Internet content marketing is about a lot more than the words on a page. Content marketing has a lot to with the page itself, as well. Page design and layout are an important factor to keep in mind when creating web pages for your business.

When designing for legibility, keep in mind that minimalism is the key. Minimalist design makes content easier for readers to scan and quickly find the information they’re looking for. Designing for legibility means optimizing your use of subheadings, bullet points, images, captions and links.

Learn more about how to use web design to increase your company’s conversion rates in Surrey by getting in touch with our experts at (604) 782-6467