With a rapid growth in residential development and retail centers, the city of Coquitlam in B.C. is well on its way toward substantial economic growth. In the midst of such a diverse and lucrative market, it’s time to start connecting with the large consumer base you now have access to.

When strategizing for customer acquisition in Coquitlam, revisiting your online presence should be your first priority. With a larger consumer base, comes more people searching for your product or service, and it’s up to you to employ the right online marketing initiatives that will bring them to you.

SEO and web design give your business the competitive edge it needs to stand out in Coquitlam’s growing market.

Your locality is your advantage. With the use of online marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), you can target local consumers, increasing your chances of developing loyal, revisiting customers. That way, when potential customers search for your services in Coquitlam, you can be on the first page search results.

Get Ahead of the Competition with SEO

Make your business a leading industry service in the Coquitlam area with online marketing strategies including:

  • On-site SEO: We optimize your entire website by targeting local customers through the use of popular keywords and phrases that consumers search on Google to find the services you offer in their locale.
  • Search Engine Submissions: We submit your site to search engines to keep them up to date on your latest deals, promotions, and product information, instantly available for customer access.
  • Link Building: Placing useful links on your site from other valid pages directs user traffic toward your services. More applicable links makes your your site easily recognizable by Google, increasing traffic to generate leads with the possibility of sales conversion.
  • Blogging and Article Submission: Our specialists post new content to your site frequently to increase your amount of relevant content, creating more traffic. New useful content keeps Google aware of your business’s information, allowing it to make informed suggestions to users on search. We set up your blog with custom optimized content, provide monthly blog posts with a call to action, and submit articles to other leading sites.
  • Local Business Listing: We keep your customers aware of your location by keeping it locatable on local directories and popular listings such as Google Maps so customers can find information about your hours and contact information. Having reliable information like this at the click of a button builds trust in your brand.

Design Professionally with User Experience in Mind

An aesthetically pleasing web design is important when establishing a professional image for your business, to set it apart from your competition. Potential customers in Coquitlam are more likely to respond to your business when it’s represented online by a site that displays your services with modern appeal and easy navigation. Making it as simple as possible for your customers to take action that could convert to sales starts with a comprehensive web design scheme.

Web design services provide your business’s site the user friendly, professional appeal that consumers gravitate towards when searching for a product or service, leading to higher traffic and leads.

Get to know the four phases of our web design service, and start visualizing better business with a smart, easy to navigate website:

  1. Graphical Content Development: Our collaboration begins with a consultation to get a vision of how you want your site to look with industry standards in mind. After this initial meeting, we create a graphical design for your approval.
  2. Website Structure and Navigation: Next, our design team creates a demo of your site that you can access to get an idea of what potential customers will see when they reach your site.
  3. Content Management System: We proceed to ensure you know how to use the content management system we use for your site. It’s important you have access to your site to publish content updates and valuable news about new products or services for your business.
  4. Pictures and Other Visuals: Once we’ve established the structure of your site, layout, and have tested for functionality, our team uploads all of the content we’ve agreed on to prepare the launch of your new website.

Cultivate a Lasting Impression of Your Brand

Ensuring your website is attractive to users is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. However, establishing your business as a brand they can remember to trust is essential for building a loyal customer base. Our graphic design team builds your brand with logo design, business cards, brochures, and branded catalogues that provide a cohesive and consistent brand to turn to for industry specific services.

Elevate Business Management with Smart Web Apps

Getting the customer attraction you seek is a rewarding part of doing business, but maintaining this success in Coquitlam takes a custom approach to efficient management. With web application development services tailored to your business,  you’re able to better control vital information with specialized reports, customer relation systems, and maintenance inventory. This way, our team can keep you organized with every aspect of your sales including accounting, inventory, production, shipping, and any other custom operation that is essential to your success.

Advance your competitive edge in Coquitlam with industry specific, on-brand online marketing. Collaborate with our team of professionals today to establish a strong presence within the changing digital market.