As one of the provinces most up-and-coming cities, Richmond, B.C. is starting to make its mark as a cultural hub with a growing, rich and diverse population. In areas like these, it’s important to be able to connect with the local market and build a strong consumer base.

But how do you go about capturing local markets like Richmond? As more and more consumers are flocking to the Internet to find the products and services they need, this question comes with a straightforward answer: online marketing.

With smart use of online marketing features, like SEO and web design, you can easily make your business stand out in diverse locales like Richmond.

In cities like Richmond, local targeting and visibility is key. You can easily put your business in the public eye and build a loyal customer base by working with an experienced SEO and web design company!

Put Your Brand on Top in Richmond with SEO

Effective SEO strategies are key aspect to putting your business name and product within view of potential customers in Richmond. With the help of an SEO company, you can start connecting with consumers, gaining more traffic, and achieve higher sales!

Our SEO company offers a variety of services, including:

  • On-site SEO: our specialists optimize your website for local searches using competitive keywords and search phrases used by potential customers to find business like yours online;
  • Search Engine Submissions: we ensure your latest deals and information is immediately available to potential customers by submitting your site to search engines;
  • Link Building: by placing useful links in your site from other reputable websites, we can direct traffic towards yours business. Useful links makes your site more likely to be recognized by search engines like Google, which greatly helps to boost traffic, generate leads, and convert to sales;
  • Blogging and Article Submission: our SEO company will regularly post new content to your site to increase relevant traffic. Fresh content keeps search engines up-to-date on your business’s information, which leads it to recommend it to more users on search. Our services include a complete blog set up with customization and optimization, monthly SEO blog posting, and submission of articles to other top websites.
  • Local business Listing: we put your business on the map by ensuring it’s on local directories and important listings, like Google Maps, that customers use to find useful information like contact info and location directions. Completing the information on these listings and keeping them up to date make it easy to build trust in your brand.

Stand Out with Attractive and Functional Web Design

Our world is saturated with visuals, so it’s important that you have an attractive, functional, and responsive website to set your business apart from the crowd. Potential customers in Richmond are more likely to respond and convert to sales when a site is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, especially when it comes to important information about your products and services.

Our web design services are centered around creating websites for business like yours that integrate smart functionality and modern visual appeal to present potential customers with information they need and lead to higher traffic and sales.

Our web design services are broken down into four parts aimed towards creating a smart, functional web site for your business:

  1. Graphical Content Development: our web design team’s first step is to consult with you to brainstorm and get a good idea about what you want your website to look and feel, taking the standards of your industry into account. This leads to a graphical design presented to you for approval.
  2. Website Structure and Navigation: for the next step, our web design team prepares a mock up or demo version of your website that’s integrated with functionality for ease of use and navigation to give you a full idea of how potential customers will experience  your site.
  3. Content Management System: during this step, you will learn how to use the content management system we establish for your site, making it easy for you to publish fresh updates and information about your business, such as new products and services.
  4. Pictures and Other Visuals: after completing the structure and layout of your website and testing it, our team will upload all of your web content to get it ready to launch.

Curate Your Brand Image Through Graphic Design

While a user friendly and attractive web site is the first step to business success in the business age, to truly stand out you need to create a cohesive brand image that resonates with users. Our graphic design team helps your business to own its brand by creating logos, business cards, brochures, and catalogues that are, not only visually appealing, but are consistent with your brand image and work to make a lasting impression on each and every customer that hears about your business.

Smart Business with Custom Web Apps

Keep up with the demands of successfully doing business in Richmond with our customer web application development services, including tools that allow you to better manage the flow of business through specialized reports, customer relation systems, and maintenance inventory. Our team helps you easily stay on top of accounting, inventory, production, shipping, and other essential operations that keep your business running.

Step up your business game in Richmond and connect with local markets with effective online marketing. Work with our team to establish your business in the digital market by boosting your visibility, garnering traffic, and increasing conversions through attractive, functional web design and effective SEO!