Located only 30 minutes from the heart of Vancouver, Delta, BC is one of the province’s richest areas for historical and scenic districts, as well as entertainment. Home to a growing population of 100,00 and host to millions of visitors each year, Delta is the place to be for any up-and-coming business.

Looking to grow your business in Delta? Stay one step ahead of the competition with a strategic online marketing campaign curated to bolster your business’s online presence and capture local markets.

Lead the game in vibrant local markets like Delta with an online marketing strategy curated to help you connect with residents and visitors through a smart use of SEO, web design, and other marketing tools.

With three distinct communities, Delta presents ample opportunities for a variety of business ventures, and with the the right online marketing company, you can easily create a creative online marketing strategy to connect with with the city’s diverse audiences.

Gain a Competitive Edge in Delta with SEO

One of the online marketing’s key aspects, SEO has the power to put your business name and product within view of potential customers in Delta.

When you work with our SEO company, you gain access to a variety of services, including:

  • On-site SEO: have your website seen by potentials customers looking online for business like yours by having our specialists optimize your site for competitive keywords and search phrases;
  • Search Engine Submissions: by submitting your site to search engines, we ensure that your latest deals, promotions, and product information is instantly available to customers; 

  • Link Building: we place useful links on your site from other reliable pages to help Google recognize your site more easily, increasing traffic and conversion rates.
  • Blogging and Article Submission: our SEO company will regularly post new content to your site to increase relevant traffic. Fresh content keeps search engines up-to-date on your business’s information, which leads it to recommend it to more users on search. Our services include a complete blog set up with customization and optimization, monthly SEO blog posting, and submission of articles to other top websites.
  • Local Business Listing: we put your business on the map by ensuring it’s on local directories and important listings, like Google Maps, that customers use to find useful information like contact info and location directions. Completing the information on these listings and keeping them up to date make it easy to build trust in your brand.

Lead the Pack with Attractive and Responsive Web Design

First impressions are crucial, which is why it’s important that your site is attractive, functional, and responsive. With an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use website, potential customers are more likely to stay on your website rather than bouncing to a competitor.

Gain higher traffic and increased sales with a modern and professional website designed by our specialists to appeal to potential customers, and inspire loyalty among those who already know your brand.

Our web design services are based on four parts prioritizing aesthetics and functionality:

  • Graphical Content Development: before any web design project, our web design team will meet and consult with you to brainstorm and gain insight into what you want your website to look and feel like. Taking your preferences and industry standards into account, we then create a graphical design to present to you for approval.
  • Website Structure and Navigation: after approval of our graphical design, our team prepares a mock up or demo version of your website that’s integrated with functionality for ease of use and navigation to give you a full idea of how potential customers will experience your site.
  • Content Management System: during this step, we guide you through how to use the content management system we set up for your site so you can have access to your site to publish content updates and news for your business.
  • Pictures on Other Visuals: once the structure and layout of your website is complete, our team will test the site and upload your web content to get it ready to launch.

Bring Your Brand to Life with Graphic Design

A cohesive brand image is crucial to forming a lasting impression with present and potential customers. With the help of our graphic design team, you can easily create a brand image that resonates with customers, both new and returning. Own your brand name and image with visually appealing logos, business cards, brochures, and catalogues that leave a lasting impression on every customer your business connects with.

Smart Web Apps for Smart Business

Making use of business web apps is crucial to running a successful online business or marketing strategy. These smart applications allow you to stay on top of your business through specialized reports, customer relationship systems, and maintenance inventory. Our team works to make it easy for you to organize and streamline your business’s accounting, inventory, production, shipping, and other essential operations that keep your business running for ensured customer satisfaction.

Lead the game in Delta with a carefully curated online marketing strategy! Through a smart use of SEO, web design, graphic design, and smart web applications, our marketing specialists can establish your business name in local markets. Watch your business grow with a cohesive online marketing strategy.