As an up-and-coming area in British Columbia, it’s no wonder that the city of Langley is booming, constantly welcoming new businesses, while teeming with well-loved flavors the city has always been home to. Recently hailed as Metro Vancouver’s fastest growing municipality, it’s no surprise that Langley is posed to become home to more and more industry-leading businesses – one of which could easily be yours.

Whether your business is a neighborhood staple and well-loved in Langley’s community, or you are just introducing your products and services to the city’s bustling economy, there has never been a better time to see how your own local business stays fresh to compete in the market.

As the modern market takes over Langley, how well can your business be found online? When new and old patrons alike take to the Internet to browse your well-loved, unique products and services, will they find a website with all the information they need?

Step up your game in Langley’s market. Discover a full suite of online marketing services, including web design and search engine optimization (SEO) to debut your online presence, and grow your brand’s following in Langley.

Work with an SEO Company in Langley

Your local patrons know where exactly in Langley to find you, and have your store’s products and services perhaps memorized at heart, but as Langley booms and welcomes new businesses and residents alike, how will this new market and fresh breed of potential customers find your business? When they do a quick Google search for products and services you offer, and within their area in Langley, will they find you?

Top businesses these days enjoy their prime position in the market because of their brand’s visibility. This includes being on top of search results on Google and other search engines. When your business is this visible on local searches in Langley, it’s easy to generate a higher volume of sales.

Our SEO company offers a full suite of services for your business in Langley, including:

  • On-Site SEO: optimizing your website to rank better, and potentially top local searches in the area using competitive keywords and search phrases potential customers use to find business like yours online;
  • Search Engine Submissions: submit your site to search engines, in effect ensuring that fresh new offers are immediately available to potential customers searching for products and services like yours;
  • Link Building: place links to your site on other reputable sites to direct traffic. This also improves your site recognition by major search engines like Google, thereby increasing traffic and opportunities to generate and convert leads.
  • Blogging and Article Submission: our SEO company will regularly post new content on your site to increase relevant traffic. Fresh content feeds search engines with up-to-date information about your business, leading it to recommended to more users on search. This service includes blog setup, customization and optimization; monthly SEO blog postings; and submission of articles to other top websites.
  • Local Business Listings: puts your business on local directories and important map listings, such as Google Maps to provide customers with complete information about your location and contact information in Langley, thereby building trust in your brand.

Web Design in Langley

Your website’s design goes beyond how it looks and feels; web design is also largely a matter of functionality. How well does it allow users and your potential customers in Langley to interact with the content, such as information about your best products and services?

Apart from an aesthetically pleasing web design for your business in Langley, our goal is to integrate it with powerful features that present limitless opportunities for managing content and change it as often as fresh new offers are launched.

Your business’ modern and tech-savvy web design is accomplished in 4 parts:

  1. Graphical Content Development: our web design team meets with you to brainstorm, gaining a good grasp of your ideal look and feel for your site. A graphical design of your site is then prepared for your approval.
  2. Website Structure and Navigation:  a mockup or demo version of your site will be prepared by our web design team, allowing you to see and interact with the content and features as potential clients will see. Our commitment is a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  3. Content Management System: you will learn how to use the content management system we put in place for your site, making it easy to publish fresh updates and new information about your business, such as new products and services.
  4. Pictures and Other Visuals: after completing the overall website structure and layout and testing it, we will upload all your website content, making it ready to launch.

Graphic Design in Langley

A user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website is the first step in making your business a success in the digital age, but you will also need other marketing materials. Our graphic design team in Langley can design logos, business cards, brochures, catalogues, and banners which are not only visually interesting, but are also consistent with your overall branding, as represented on your website’s form and content.

Web Applications in Langley

Successfully doing business in Langley now also requires going above and beyond typical digital marketing practices. Take your efforts a step higher with custom application development that focuses on your specific business needs. Our custom solutions include tools customized for your business flow, such as creation of special management reports, management of customer relations, and maintenance of inventory systems.

These web applications can be accessed via a network, and supported by web browsers. With these in place, you can manage production, inventory, accounting, shipping, and other operations in a more modern and efficient manner.

Does your business have what it takes to be part of the growth sweeping through Langley? Start by being found by the modern market with our web design and SEO services that boost your visibility and conversion ability online. Call us at 604-782-6467 today!