As the third largest city in British Columbia, it’s no surprise that more and more Canadians are setting up shop in Burnaby and taking advantage of the bustling market. Home to a growing number of Canadians always on the lookout for up-and-coming flavors, as well as neighborhood staples, it’s a great idea for your business to be found in Burnaby, with the use of online marketing services such as web design and SEO that expertly target the modern market – and your next customers.

But as Burnaby grows, and so do the businesses in the area, how will your products and services continue to stand out against the competition?

Step up your game and subscribe to a full suite of online marketing services.

Convert to engaging web design crafted with customer experience in mind; and SEO that makes your unique offers easily found to capture the local market.

Build on the experience and cement your following with graphic design that communicates your brand, and custom web applications that support your best work.

Locally-top SEO in Burnaby

If your business has always been based in Burnaby, chances are, your oldest and most loyal customers already know where to find your store, and even know your products and services by heart. But these patrons aren’t the only ones in constant need of what your business offers. As the market grows, so will the number of untapped audiences your business is yet to reach.

The question is, how will Burnaby’s evolving market find your business? When consumers take to Google to do a search – what everyone does these days – will they find your business as the top provider of the products and services they need?

The most sought-out businesses today enjoy their prime position in the market because of their brand’s visibility. In the modern, digital era, this means ranking on the top of search results showing on Google as well as other search engines. The more your business is easily found on local searches in Burnaby, the more customers are likely to arrive at your store, and increase the volume of sales.

When you work with our SEO company in Burnaby, you gain access to a full suite of online marketing services that include:

  • On-site SEO: we optimize your website so it ranks better, and even top local searches for highly competitive keywords and search phrases your next customers use to find products and services like yours online;
  • Search Engine Submissions: by submitting your site to search engines, we can ensure that information about your latest offers is immediately available to potential customers on the hunt for businesses like yours online;
  • Link Building: we place useful links in your site from other reputable websites to direct traffic towards your business. The more useful links you site has, the more likely it is to be recognized by search engines like Google, which can greatly boost traffic, generate leads, and convert to sales;
  • Blogging and Article Submission: you can trust our SEO company to regularly post new content, which increases relevant traffic. With fresh content, search engines are constantly kept up-to-date on relevant information about your business, which it recommends to users on search. We do a complete blog set-up, which includes customization and optimization, until you begin your monthly SEO package, and submit articles to other top websites.
  • Local Business Listings: these put your business on the map, starting with local directories potential customers use to find contact information for your business, or directions to your location. With complete information on these listings, it’s easy to build trust in your brand.

Smart & Functional Web Design in Burnaby

How you tell your story is as important as the story itself, and this is especially true in the digital age. These days, it’s your website that tells your story and relays to potential customers in Burnaby useful information that ultimately results in a lead or sale when communicated effectively.

People are naturally drawn to what they see – the more visually interesting an element is, the more likely they are to interact with, and subscribe to it. Once your audience’s interest is captured, you’ll definitely want them to stay and explore your site further as they mull over buying your products, or signing up for services you offer. This is where an integrated, seamless, and highly-functional web design comes in.

With our web design services in Burnaby, we are committed to integrate smart functionality in managing and presenting informative content that converts every site visit to a lead and sale.

We achieve a modern and functional web design for your business in 4 parts:

  1. Graphical Content Development: our web design team starts with a meeting and brainstorming session with you to get a good idea of how you want your website to look and feel, with the standards for your industry taken into account. The result is a graphical design presented to your for approval.
  2. Website Structure and Navigation: our web design team then prepares a mockup or demo version of your website, integrated with functionality for ease of use and navigation to give you a complete idea of every future customer’s experience on your site. With this, our goal is to further enhance the user experience for maximum conversion.
  3. Content Management System: as we start the turnover process, you will learn how to navigate the content management system of your site, making it easy for you to keep it up-to-date with your business’ latest offers.
  4. Pictures and Other Visuals: after much testing and final touches to the overall website structure and layout, all the content will then be uploaded, making your new site ready for launching.

Communicate Your Brand through Graphic Design

Adding to a user-friendly, functional, and well-designed website, are other marketing collaterals that allow your business to own its brand, and ensure that it resonates with potential customers through logos, business cards, brochures, banners, and catalogues. Our graphic design team in Burnaby ensures that these materials are not only visually appealing, but are consistent with your business’ brand, much like your website.

Your Best Work through Custom Web Apps

Our custom web application development service allows you to keep up with the demands of successfully doing business in Burnaby. Our custom solutions include tools that allow you to better manage the flow of business through specialized reports, customer relation systems, and maintenance inventory. These web applications can be accessed through a network, and as they are in place, you can better manage accounting, inventory, production, shipping, and other essential day-to-day operations in Burnaby.

Is your business equipped with the right digital marketing hacks to grow in Burnaby? Be found in the city with locally-topping SEO, and cement your online presence with a smart and functional website that delights your customers! Call us at 604-782-6467.