In order to create a functional and modern website design, using a website business solutions company like Web Masters would be beneficial. The components required whether you outsource the website design is the understanding of value to your customers, the themes and symbols that outline your brand, and the purpose of your website. Once these factors are considered, your website can be built around them in a functional, user-friendly and visually appealing fashion.
While it would be remiss of us to provide a one-size-fits-all recommendation to get your website custom made without first assessing your individual case, it is important to consider the perks of a custom design nonetheless. A custom website design creates a unique platform for you to communicate with your users and audience. Beyond the look and aesthetic of a site, the user intractability and engagement is also key. The first impression that a prospective customer receives when they visit your website is paramount. To stay competitive, your website needs to provide a unique experience for your visitors that drives retention. It is ultimately beneficial because it helps to establish an online presence for your brand, thus solidifying its longevity and success.
Yes, it is. There are several ways to leverage your website design into your marketing. First off, the look of your site and engagement assists with the branding aspect of your company. Beyond that, the way you showcase the services or products you offer dives deeper into that. Lastly, the social media aspect should be integrated into your website so that users can be redirected to platforms where you can further connect them to you -- producing a strong form of brand recognition.
Great news! Our web design services also extend to content management at no additional cost. This means that you will get to enjoy limitless opportunities to change the content as often as you’d like. The perks here are that your website stays fresh and attuned to the emerging market trends at any given moment. It also means that you will be in a position to keep your customers updated on current and potential offers and products while getting rid of obsolete information. This paves the way for a more compelling and clutter-free website that your customers can not only engage with but also derive value from.
Regardless of the nature of your business, there are four key stages in getting your website designed:
Stage 1: Graphical Concept Development
We set up an initial meeting to assess your needs and brainstorm innovative solutions to drive traffic and sales. In the following weeks, we design the first graphical concept draft - essentially screenshots of what your future website will look like. This fledgling stage is very crucial and will play an integral role in informing the process as we move further down the funnel. This is why we’re eager to hear back from you and receive any ideas and suggestions that you’d like to see incorporated into the design.

Stage 2: Developing the Website Structure and Navigation
When we receive your approval of the graphical concept, we prepare a mockup website that will give you a very realistic feel of what your clients experience when they visit your website once it goes live. Our primary focal points are ensuring that the final product not only offers a superior user experience but is also easy on the eyes and sympatico with your brand identity.

Stage 3: Developing the Content Management System (CMS)
In what has become an increasingly fast-paced business landscape, we understand that your business thrives on updated, streamlined and compelling information. This is why we strive to provide you with ongoing content management services even after designing your website. With our intuitive CMS, you will be fully capable of making content adjustments to your website and aligning these with your online marketing efforts without hiring experts or spending an extra fee.

Stage 4: Uploading Multimedia (Pictures, Videos and Other Visuals)
Now that we designed the layout and structure of your website and have conducted preliminary testing, it’s time to accessorize! We’ll upload all your content/multimedia and everything will be ready to go live to handle the influx of new customers. Our functional and timeless approach to web design is guaranteed to support your marketing efforts and negate the need to constantly modernize your website to stay abreast of the changing trends.


When developing your website, we’re extra careful to give due attention to the specific needs of your business rather than opting for a readymade one-size-fits-all template. This is because there are plenty of requirements that cannot be met with the latter. At Web Masters, we provide those essential tools that are customized to complement your business flow and let you draft special management reports, manage customer relations and maintain inventory systems.
Of course! We would be happy to render expert care while transferring your existing applications to new platforms without compromising on the information or the overall structure.
With our intuitive business solutions, you are able to control and manage production, inventory, accounting, shipping and other operations in an efficient and systematic manner. To summarize, our web applications are easy to update, maintain and access for both employees and clients, regardless of the authorized user’s location.
We have unparalleled industry experience in custom database-related applications development, online, desktop and distributed server-client applications, as well as various custom software components and web-project programming.
We develop software for the following platforms:
- Linux (web-based) with PHP and mySQL
- Windows (stand-alone applications) – database, DirectX
- Mobile Platforms – iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Web design takes into consideration a client’s objective with the site and works to incorporate that into an aesthetically pleasing layout that has high levels of user-friendly experience. Website development is more on the programming side, focused on building a fully functioning website. This involves more of the coding and back-end rather than the look of it all.


SEO stands for search engine optimization and it incorporates getting online traffic from organic search results on search engines.
Search engines have two functions: crawling and building an index, which they use to provide users with the most relevant data associated with the search. SEO means that we are optimizing the opportunities that your brand shows up in relevant searches and this can be done through link building, article posting with keywords, citations, etc.
Link building is the concept of incorporating links from the site into different articles and website pages. This helps with SEO as the search engines will register that as discovering new pages or it helps them determine the ranking of the original page. If the link is broken or disabled, the ranking will go down.
Blogging and article posting benefits SEO results because by producing more pages associated with topics that are connected to your brand, search engines will register higher reliability and rankings. Link building within these blogs and articles will also be effective in higher SEO results.
Citations are any mention of your business or brand on the internet. This can be a combination of the name, phone number, address, website, etc. This improves local search results because your brand is associated with more than just the name of the company but the location, contact information, and social media platforms as well.
In this digital age, having a positive online reputation is crucial for success. Your social platforms and website target more people virtually than your brand does physically on a daily basis which is why maintaining an online reputation is important.


Graphic design is the process and art of combining text and graphics while communicating a message through logos, graphics, posters, and other visual pieces of communication. Often, desktop publishing software and techniques are used to achieve their goals.
Although you may have an idea of the graphics you want to be associated with your brand, a graphic designer will have in-depth knowledge of the process work along with the elements and principles you should incorporate. They will also be able to assist with preparing the files for both online use and physical use.


PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a form of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads are clicked. It is a way of buying visits to your site which is an alternative to organic growth.
Google Adwords is a form of PPC. When users use Google, the search engine produces results that rank the highest but through Adwords, those businesses that have paid for PPC will be on the page as well.


Web Masters delivers a wide range of digital business solutions such as website design for online stores, blogs and multimedia galleries, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages, graphic design, AdWords management, web hosting, pay per click and other online marketing services, all of which are tailored to suit your business goals and budget. With a variety of services, our team assists in producing high value while still being affordable for small and medium businesses.
Web Masters has had 10+ years of experience in the field, having developed an intensive platform that incorporates traditional techniques and new trends. Not only have we delivered countless projects for our diversified clientele, we’ve done so quite successfully with customers experiencing a dramatic increase in their website traffic and conversions. We leverage this experience and knowledge to assist in adding value.
Absolutely! Web Masters offers the full range of online marketing services for your Vancouver business as well as if you’re looking to take advantage of the growth prospects in surrounding areas like North Vancouver, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Langley, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond and Kelowna.
Get in touch with us at (604) 782-6467 or submit an online contact form! Our experts will carefully assess your business requirements and revert to you with a quote of the most effective online marketing package that best matches your goals and budget.

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