4 Simple Ways To Advance your Marketing Potential with YouTube

4 Simple Ways To Advance your Marketing Potential with YouTube

As you may know from personal experience, people spend millions of hours viewing YouTube videos every day worldwide. It’s become one of the most popular platforms next to Google search itself for consumer answers and reviews. This traffic means that building your brand via a YouTube channel may be the answer to your online marketing setbacks. Video allows your customer to see exactly what you have to offer, creating a “proof” element that plain text lacks.

By experimenting with different mediums, you open your customer pool even wider. Many people prefer an interactive way to access information than the passive experience of reading an article. You may find a whole new audience by including YouTube in your online marketing strategy. You can reach a broader audience by using YouTube as an SEO platform for your Vancouver business, and it’s done in four main ways:

Make Unique and Useful Content

You want your customer’s viewing experience to contain information or a demonstration that can’t be found elsewhere. This content will increase the length of your views, a critical component you must capitalize on for optimization. Reach the consumer on both an educational and emotional level by associating your content with a feeling.

Your online marketing efforts should incite inspiration, happiness, or the need for self improvement that give the customer a lasting positive feeling towards your business. While you do this, make sure you tell the consumer something they didn’t know before so they feel the need to watch your entire video. Keeping your video relatively short makes the act less daunting and assumes your content is concise.

Allow Google and YouTube to Recognize your Content

You need to show these search engines your video through keywords you’re poised to rank for. Your chances of optimizing this communication lay in your ability to:

  • Optimize your title: Keep it short with a key phrase you want customers to be inquiring about. SEO specialists can help with finding your best phrases.
  • Relevant tags: Think quality over quantity when it comes to tags. Using SEO will help here as well when defining who will need to view your video and what they will need to know.
  • Full description: Use your description as chance to drop your keywords frequently. The longer the description, the more keywords, and the more chances to be recognized by Google.
  • Closed captions and transcripts: Using keywords here is another chance to both utilize SEO strategies and broaden the usability of your video for a wider audience.

Make a Strong Call To Action (CTA)

Make sure your online marketing efforts don’t go to waste. Once you have your customer, don’t let them go. YouTube annotations are a convenient place to make these CTAs. Make sure they don’t distract the viewer from the video but merely make their interest in your business easy to follow up on. Online marketing and SEO companies are great resources to help you craft this essential part of your online engagement with potential customers.

Video Promotion

Integrate your YouTube marketing promotion into every other aspect of your online presence. Put your video on your website, your social media, and your Google + page. Interact with your customers by answering questions and responding to positive comments. Traffic (comments and views in this case) are what allow higher ranking and encourage the accumulation of views. The more pages you have your videos on, the better.

Online Marketing Companies: Working a Step above the Rest

Having a variety of SEO platforms to promote your business can get hard to keep track of, and adding YouTube to the mix doesn’t exactly cut down the workload. After seeing the flexibility that SEO offers, its clear that it’s a marketing technique worth investing in. It’s not only necessary for a successful online business, but must be managed and tracked properly to work to its full effect. Start communicating with our marketing strategists in Vancouver to build your online presence.

Create your business’s YouTube presence with the help of an online marketing or SEO company in Vancouver. Interact with your customers on one of the most popular marketing platforms in this day and age. Contact us today at 604-782-6467!

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