10 Web Design Mistakes Beginners Make

10 Web Design Mistakes Beginners Make

If you’re new to web design, it’s easy to get carried away with all the pretty colours and themes. Standing out is your goal, but you want to make sure you stay organized and user friendly. So, having a list of what to do and what to avoid while you design your site is always handy and resourceful.

If you’re just starting out with web design, you don’t have to adapt to the rules alone. Putting your business in the hands of a web design company in Vancouver means you can be sure your site fulfills every aspect of a high ranking website. Let’s see what paths are best to cross and which are best to stray from.

Mistake #1: Completely Reinventing the Layout

Of course, you want to be creative with your page. However, user friendliness is always priority. An over complicated layout can quickly lead to a tedious and hard to navigate page. This might make your home page the exit page, which you definitely want to avoid. Keep it relatively simple by using recommendations from user experience.

Mistake #2: Obtrusive or Distracting Background Graphics

It may sound simple, but the amount of websites with backgrounds that either take away from the site’s content or even make the content difficult to focus on are far too common. Make sure your background is simple and compliments the rest of your site. Having illegible text because of your background choice is a web design nightmare that will quickly lead to high bounce rates.

Mistake #3: Neglecting Mobile Optimization

You need to make sure all of your text, images, and other content is mobile optimized. You can use a mobile editor to make sure your web design, background, and text all look great on a mobile device. This is a crucial step as most people are now using their phones for search.

Mistake #4: Inefficient Use of Space

Cluttering the page is a surefire way to overwhelm users. Create a hierarchy for your information and determine where is best to place it. White space (space without text) isn’t a bad thing and can come in handy for clean organization. Avoid messiness as it could cause your customer to miss a vital piece of information.

Mistake #5: Clashing Colours

Just because you like mint green and creamsicle orange doesn’t mean they should be paired together. Colour theory is a real concept that can help your content be presented in a more pleasing way. It may even cause the user to associate your site with a particular feeling. So educate yourself on the power of colour theory and use it to your advantage.

Mistake #6: Mediocre Image Quality

You want your web design to always appear professional, and look as though you personally take pride in what you offer. Don’t be afraid of cropping a photo or applying a filter to achieve high quality, professional looking photos. There are many websites that give you access to quality, free photos you can use on your site like unspalsh.com and pexels.com, so that you keep your images fresh and creative.

Mistake #7: Impersonable Stock Images

While looking for high quality photos is definitely a priority, you also want your business to appeal to real people. Relatable is the new ideal. Make sure your web design includes images that instill a sense of trust and believability.

Mistake #8: Flashy and Tacky Effects

Less is more. Animations are okay, but overusing them can turn into an unfortunate mess. Text effects and image effects have their time and place in your web design, but by no means is this area a free for all.

Mistake #9: Wordy Text

You want your text and content to be concise and targeted to your audience. Plan your text so it reads in a search engine friendly way and has a tone of voice your target market can relate to. Make your words resonate with your customers and leave out anything they don’t need.

Mistake #10: Randomly Selected Fonts

Your font can trigger specific associations with what you’re offering. Make sure it’s consistent and adds to your brand. For example, a minimalist font might be appropriate for a spa, whereas a fancy, hard to read font could be distracting or take away from the content. Serif fonts tend to be better for professional tones, while sans fonts work better for exciting, fun-centered pages. Font is not to be ignored.

Enhance Your Web Design

This list of 10 mistakes may seem like a lot, but they’re just the beginning of misguided web design. Whether it’s the artistic insight, the technical function, or the marketing mentality you are missing in your web design, we work to ensure your site offers an entirely user friendly experience. Our design strategists make navigation, aesthetics, and communication one in the same. Don’t make the mistakes of your competitors, and invest in your web design today.

Need a helping hand with web design? Work with a web design company to revamp your brand in Vancouver, and optimize your visibility for customer satisfaction. Contact us at: 604-782-6467!

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