How to Make Your CTA’s Convert

How to Make Your CTA’s Convert

Crafting an effective call-to-action on your website is far from just stringing a couple random sentences together. It’s so much more than that.  But how do you know what makes a strong CTA that will make your customers respond? There may not be an official document, but there are a set of guidelines that have proven effective for any business.

Working with a online marketing company in Vancouver puts your CTA specifics in the hands of marketing strategists who know how to prompt consumer action. To start crafting your own CTAs, it is important to first understand exactly how a CTA is defined.

What is a CTA?

A CTA prompts your customer to take action immediately through a brief online, usually clickable, set of phrases. Whether this action is buying a product, subscribing to a service, or contacting your staff, you are telling them what you want them to do.

Once you define the action you want your customer to take, you can decide how many CTAs you need and where to put them in your content, or on your sire. Working with a marketing strategist is ideal for aligning your page content with your CTAs to produce the best rate of action.

Now that you know what a CTA actually is, you can begin crafting your own with the help of our guide and expert tips:

Who Are You Talking To?

You want to call to your customers in a way that they will relate to. What motivates your customer? Defining your audience in detail is a crucial first step to a successful CTA. This knowledge helps you craft your words in a way that presents your product or service as the solution to their problem.

Make Sure They See It

Write a CTA that they can’t miss. Address every aspect that would make your CTA more visible and attractive. Do this with these three elements:

  • Colour: Pick a colour that will contrast the rest of the site but still adhere to basic colour theory. Choose a colour that will excite the customer, while still complimenting your sites colour scheme.
  • Size: Make it big but not too big. It should be large enough so it’s seen as soon as the customer scrolls to it, but small enough that it remains consistent with your web design.
  • Location: Place your CTA right where the customer should be most inclined to act. Whether this is at the end or somewhere in the middle, make sure the CTA has no competition or prompts around it.

Be Concise!

Tell them only what they need to know. Selling factors and perks should be the bare bones. The CTA is the final step to all of your other online marketing strategies, so give them a last word of encouragement that reminds your customers of every reason your product or service is for them.

Action-Oriented Wording

Tell the customer instead of asking them. What you say in the CTA should sound factual. Direct the customer with your words, and don’t be afraid to tell them what they should be doing, or where they should be getting it.

Sense of Urgency

You want to convince your customer that they should take action immediately or as soon as possible. Telling the customer to take action “now”, or “here”, or that what you’re offering them is a limited time offer is a great selling point. If it’s not going to be an option forever, let them know.

Lead With an Incentive

Make your offer not only convenient but visual. Say something that makes them visualize a better reality because of your service. You want their action to seem as hassle free as possible by making easy and risk-free claims.

Track and Analyze Your CTA Success

Be aware of how much response your efforts get. Use a metric like the conversion rate to measure your CTAs success rate. Once you find trends, identify what works and what doesn’t then alter your CTA accordingly!

Create compelling call to actions for your Vancouver business with help from an online marketing company.  Contact us at 604-782-6467!

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