How to Boost Your Holiday Conversion Rate Online

How to Boost Your Holiday Conversion Rate Online

As the holiday season puts consumers in a buying frenzy, your job as a business owner is to make your site stand out! With an expected 15% increase in e-commerce sales this year, your site should encourage consumers to contribute to this increase with purchases on your site.  

So, how do you adjust to the holiday appeal that will entice consumers to purchase? Changing up the way your online marketing strategies answer to the mentality of your customers at this time of year is one of the best ways to reinvent your presence for a holiday boost. Read on to learn how your site can increase holiday sales with a few festive adjustments.

Implement a Holiday Theme or Design

Adding festive photos, icons, or banners that display or sell your products to your audience is a simple, yet effective start. If you have a winter collection out, make it stand out with the right graphics, but make sure your site is optimized for mobile shoppers. Associating your products with the spirit of the season will subconsciously make them seem more appropriate as gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Create a Holiday Sale Landing Page

Discounts are appealing at any time of year, but during the holidays, they’re a major selling point for a chance to save during one of the busiest and perhaps most expensive shopping time of the year. Simple sales like “Buy One Get One This Week Only” deals, or ‘Free Shipping for a Limited Time’ slots can work wonders when getting your consumers to feel a sense of urgency. Displaying all of the information on a single landing page, while creating the right headings to showcase your deals is essential to making them accessible to your customers.

Organic Social Posts That Acknowledge Holiday Savings

Hiring an online marketing company to produce frequent social posts that draw attention to your holidays deals, special offers, and collections is a great way to reach your consumers. Keeping in touch with your customers, so to speak, is particularly important during the holiday season, as people shop for gifts at very different paces. You can reach the early birds, and the last minute shoppers through your social media reminders.

Making all the right adjustments to your site that create an incentive for your customers to buy, can be quite time consuming, especially when tracking inventory and finances. Collaborating with a company that specializes in creating online content that speaks to your audience is an extremely helpful asset to both increase your sales, and put your time into the areas you have the most experience in.

Give your site the relevant design, fresh page content, and social promotion it needs to make your business the obvious choice for holiday sales. Work with an online marketing company in Langley that makes your site appeal to your target audience all season long.

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