4 Perks of Managed Social Media Marketing

4 Perks of Managed Social Media Marketing

As one of the many benefits associated with internet marketing, a defined social media presence is a strategy that proves to be very influential when keeping customers informed and happy with your business. However, your business only gets as much out of this marketing tactic as you put into it, so it’s important to keep each platform relevant and engaging.

Our team in Langley creates, manages, and plans your social media posts as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Here, we’ve outlined 5 major advantages of a curated social media presence, so you can build a strong online presence and instantly recognizable brand.

Capitalize On Consumer Use Patterns

Social media pages are now built with analytics or page insights features, which can greatly inform patterns in user behavior. With these insights, you can follow a posting schedule that guarantees have interaction with your brand’s followers. Popular posting times are generally during lunch breaks around 12 pm, or after work around 5 pm.

Facebook’s publisher tools allow you to schedule posts in advance if you’re posting manually. Alternatively, social media automation tools like Hootsuite make it possible to post updates to other social media platforms without built-in scheduling features, such as Twitter and Instagram.

Promote Brand Recall Through a Growing Following

It’s no longer a surprise that nearly everyone today is on at least one social media platform, and with the digital boom, social media has proved to be one the fastest ways to reach out to a previously untapped market. Whether these consumers are looking for information about a similar product or service you offer, or are simply expressing their interests, roping them into a conversation about your brand through a simple post, tweet or like is a great place to start.

Many brands these days practice growth hacking – a simple practice that boosts brand engagement online. This includes following users that have expressed an interest in your products and services, or even just the general industry; liking posts related to your business, and replying to posts your business were tagged in. These are simple steps that provide great returns in the long run, in the form of an active following you can directly market to, and a customer niche you can easily maintain.

Encourage Content Sharing

One unique benefit of social media marketing strategies is the ability for your followers, new or old, to share your useful content. When users find information that makes a difference in their life, they naturally want to share their new knowledge with others. For example, if your business has a promotion or package deal on, social media would be a good place to start to share these updates and improve online engagement. The more shares your content has, the more likely it is to reach potential customers who will avail of your promo.

Disclose Consumer Demand

To effect real change, a fresh perspective is always welcome – and that’s what internet marketing services are for. By having your social media accounts periodically analyzed by an external party, you can gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction – especially in the age of online forums and reviews.

Listening to customers socially provides indicators regarding your business’ reputation online, and information as to how it can be managed for improved optics, all resulting in increased trust in your business.

Have you tapped into your social media marketing potential? Collaborate with our internet marketing team in Langley to reach both new and loyal customers on platforms where they’re most likely to take action, based on what your brand presents.

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