Showcase your Unique Value Proposition

Showcase your Unique Value Proposition

In this competitive online landscape, web designers are forced to find unique tactics to make their sites #1 in the field. From aesthetics to accessibility, the look and convenience of a site can easily be changed to reflect new trends, but the most important aspect of your website is its unique value proposition (UVP).

The UVP is used to bring value to the viewer, as this shows them why they should choose that brand and why they should go back in the future. Each brand has their own value that they provide and they do this in a variety of ways. The web design can showcase the value through quality content, trust symbols, and unique multimedia.

Keep reading to learn about how you can bring your unique value proposition of your brand to your web design.

Quality Content

Written content

One of the easiest ways to convey your value proposition is through the content that you provide. Many websites are crammed with information, maxing out the space they have to fill it with as much detail as possible, but risk overwhelming potential clients, causing these leads to go cold. First time viewers of your site will not be interested in reading an essay to get the information they need which is why you need to minimize your text, play with the font of important headings, and work with the spacing.

A good web design should not have a heavy overload of content as it will look unattractive and confusing which will result in your value proposition being covered. Try to space out important points and use the white space to your advantage.

Visual content

Alike written content, you do not want to bombard the reader with a web design full of images and visuals but they are effective in small batches. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, thus a great video must be worth more!

Using visual content will allow viewers who are not interested in reading bulky paragraphs to understand what your brand represents in less than a minute – creating efficiency in getting your UVP across.


Many web designs will include a short slogan that directly reiterates the value proposition to the viewer. These act as a quick bullet point which gets the message across of exactly what your brand represents or what the brand function is.

Three words as a short slogan will be more obvious to a viewer of your value than an article of what your brand does. Focus on developing something catchy and eye catching to add into your web design.

Trust Symbols

A great way to not only showcase your value but to make it look competitive and strong is to use trust symbols. These can range from a Yelp rating for a restaurant website or client logos to brand your reputation. They act as pieces of evidence that not only do you do the work your value seems to propose but your brand does it well.

Things To Watch Out For

Certain things will make your website look less legitimate and can push viewers away. It is important to constantly manage and view your web design to ensure that everything works perfectly so that the web design showcases the value proposition of your brand well.

404 Error Pages

Sometimes your website will have links that are expired or no longer exist. If a viewer stumbles upon these pages, it will take away from the website experience so these need to be managed consistently and deleted when they appear.

Call to Action

Once the value of your brand is clear, the call to action needs to be as well. Whether that means having the viewer sign up for a service, apply for a position, or submit a document – it needs to be easily accessible. These can lead to learning materials or additional information about the service prior to contacting your brand so that viewers learn more about your value proposition on their own accord.

Looking for ways to showcase your value proposition? Contact our team in Burnaby today for more information on web design expertise.

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