5 Ways to Improve Mobile Web Design

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Ever since smartphones came out, the growth of cell phone users grew exponentially. Even today, marketers are struggling to create mobile strategies. As further developments for cell phones continue to be released, more users are switching to mobiles as their primary device for accessing the internet.

The truth is, computers provide a very basic and limited version of the web whereas mobile devices are becoming far more advanced. With greater interactivity and more efficient ways of accessing information, mobile web strategies have become critical to a company’s success. 

Never fear — our web design team in Vancouver, BC can help you strategize for your mobile web design. Keep reading to learn about what you should add or adapt in your web design Vancouver to stay competitive online.


The most important aspect of your web design is the navigation. This connects to the accessibility of information and level of interactivity. If your web design is not altered to a mobile version, the site is not user friendly. The first step of your mobile site is to make it easy to use and simplistic. Consider the size of a mobile device — a phone does not share the amount of screen capabilities as a computer which means it should use font and image sizings that provide excellent visibility.


Mobile devices are a great way to track immediate feedback. For example, if your organization focuses on selling up-to-date technology and customers have received great or terrible customer service, they can easily write feedback on a public review page. However, if your mobile web design included a feedback channel, it allows your organization to funnel the negative feedback and follow up with those customers immediately.

Depending on your site, you can tailor it towards social media sharings as well. If someone has had impeccable customer service, your site could prompt them to share it to their social platforms for their followers. The benefit of having this feedback channel is that as an organization, you can keep record of the data as soon as it happens.

Mobile Content

Since mobile devices have greater interactivity than computers on some levels, there is a lot you can do to tailor towards these users. Mobiles have built-in GPS maps and applications that help provide convenience. Whether it is a mobile map integrated into your web design or a quick quiz with gaming application features, having that additional aspect will give your site a niche.

Site-Wide Search

With computers, the menus are all readily available but as mentioned before, mobile web designs rely on navigation menus to move around the site. With the data your site is able to collect, through search engine tracking or site-click tracking, you are able to see what type of data is being searched more often.

If there is certain information that is constantly being searched, adding it to your navigation menu is helpful for mobile users. On the other hand, if there are items that are rarely looked at, they should be taken out of the menu so that it does not appear too cluttered with unnecessary information.

Social Media on Mobiles

All social media sites are accessible on the computer and the phone but there are certain platforms that are easier to navigate on mobile devices. For example, a popular application such as Instagram is not as user-friendly on the computer. With that in mind, your mobile web design can leverage that into connecting users with platforms that are.

Although this sounds like a small change, it is a smart method. Users do not like rerouting to Facebook pages on mobile because sometimes they show as a computer version so if you plan on connecting your social media pages to your site, keep that in mind. Anything that helps to provide the best user platform on the mobile should be done.

With mobiles becoming a primary source of accessing the internet, it is important to make it a priority in your web design. Contact our company in Vancouver, BC for a consultation today.

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