Transparency With SEO Clients Helps Agencies Thrive

Transparency With SEO Clients Helps Agencies Thrive

SEO is an extremely competitive, fast-paced industry with many agencies jockeying for the top spot, and it comes with a skill curve that is constantly evolving as the technology that drives it shifts and changes; for those able to keep up, it promises to be a lucrative, rewarding, and challenging field of work provided they come in with the right attitude and game plan.

But what does this mean for the prospective clientele of SEO agencies? For business or website owners, what’s the key element to which truly drives people to work with your agency, and to continue collaborating with you long-term? Your willingness to be transparent!

That’s right: transparency; a statement that should be almost obvious to most, which many individuals take for granted due to how obvious it seems on the surface. However, an SEO company may suffer from the commonplace and rampant issue of miscommunication hurdles that plague many in our industry: it’s not an intuitive subject right out of the box, as SEO professionals often take the familiarity with their field of work for granted. But to those on the other side of that wall, the very common and very routine work that we perform comes across as technological wizardry to others – our job involves the optimization of algorithmic behaviors and generating metadata and search queries in order to streamline the way your search queries are processed and discovered by humans surfing the web. 

Serving clients in Canada and US with professional digital marketing services for well over a decade is what we do best! Our digital marketing services include SEO, Google Ads Management, Social Media Marketing, Business Listing and Local SEO, Medical SEO including BHRT, Peptides, Medical Weight Loss and Semaglutide, Video Marketing, Website Design and WordPress Website Design.                             

While many of our clients might be tech savvy, we understand that it is prudent to keep in mind that not everyone comes in with the same knowledge as everyone else. From monthly analytics reports to weekly social media posts, transparency is a key factor in creating a lasting client relationship, where their trust in your business practices extends beyond just what you do at the computer, but the concept of your business as a whole.

It became readily apparent to us very quickly that the most significant concerns clients expressed when hiring an SEO agency were ones that stemmed from an agency’s failure to communicate.

You need to know what are the exact steps your SEO agency are planning to take to do what they do and if they accepted work from one of your competitors?

Lacking communication is an obstacle that many digital marketing agencies run into. Being that there is relatively complicated knowledge required to begin discussing the nature of the job in-depth, there often ends up being a limit on how much can be discussed with non-tech clients in terms of the planning and execution of their SEO. This does not come from a place of desiring secrecy about the work; it is simply a matter of helping to keep everyone on the same page, similar to how a researcher wouldn’t be capable of breaking down the minutiae of their documentation to someone outside their scope of work.

However, it is exactly this lack of understanding and 2-way communication that has served to alienate clientele across our industry, and further reinforce the misconception that digital marketers are scam artists or snake oil salesmen that peddle an unclear service without the guarantee that the client will see results. 

We feel strongly about this topic, as we believe transparency creates an opportunity to set Web Masters apart from other agencies offering SEO services. We pride ourselves on excellent transparency and communication, from your website’s place in SERP to your monthly conversions, to even the most inconspicuous element of an analytics report: we await your questions and work to get you up to speed with how we operate and where we’ll help get you.    

We communicate the steps to your goals and keep our clients in the loop about every result. When our partners understand the service we render them, we help increase the value of our industry overall.


SEO and web services remains an industry rife with horror stories and misconceptions about the lack of communication and, ultimately, client frustration.

Much of this comes from the mistaken belief that money paid to an SEO specialist is money that ends up wasted–and without an open dialogue between a client and the specialist they hire, the natural progression of the work may be seen as slow, insignificant, or unimpactful to the client website, and this can read to many people as a wasted investment of their trust and investment.

However, as we work to implement transparency in every part of the collaborative partnership with our clients, we are able to prove time and again that open communication leads to greater and more successful outcomes long-term; transparency makes us stand out in all the best ways.  

We take pride in the connections we form with our clients and partners. In improving those relations, we boost not only our company’s success, but yours as well. \

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